TKS — Wooden Rolling Pin

Wooden Rolling Pin is a piece that you cannot miss in any kitchen. Whether you are a professional cook or pastry shop or you cook and bake at home, the roll is a product that will help you broaden the horizon of your kitchen options


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“Cooking is an activity that accompanies us every day. The preparation of pizza or our favorite dish like dumplings are just examples of culinary suggestions that we cannot prepare without a rolling pin.

This is the same for confectionery, like homemade croissants with our favorite jam or gingerbread that we are so eagerly preparing for Christmas with children. The rolling pin we propose is made entirely of wood. It is an absolute must in every kitchen! Manufactured by the French company Secret de Gourmet, the wooden rolling pin is a guarantee of satisfaction and convenience of use. Its smooth surface makes it easier to roll out than you think, and the dough doesn’t stick to the surface of the roller.

It is also extremely easy to clean . The color scheme of natural wood fits every design of the kitchen and also adds grace and class to it. See for yourself how pleasant and easy it can be to roll out a dough and how much fun it can be to bake.”

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Dimensions5.3 × 47.7 cm



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